Here come the girls!

Anchor House Director Keith Fernett officially opens the women only lounge at Anchor House!

Keith opens the women-only lounge

Keith opens the women-only lounge

A few years ago, Anchor House made a positive decision to increase the number of female residents. In doing so we were able to create a women only floor of the building. The idea of a women only lounge stemmed from this move as yet another way of enhancing the provision of our services to better meet the needs of our female residents. The women who live here have enthusiastially embraced the ideam not only to use it for socialising but also to hold regluar meetings. From these regular meetings an activities programme has been initiated and ideas to invite outside speakers and hold health workshops have been developed which will contribute positively to the residents personal development plans.

Here’s what some of our residents are saying about their new space: ”Somewhere to relax with other women, talk about womens stuff”. “The lounge will let us get to know each other better, because sometimes we don’t know our neighbours. A chance for us to bond, help each other with any problems we may have”.”I really like the lounge because it’s cosy and homely”.

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