Master Your Destiny Now

On the 12th of September, we were joined by two guys who teamed up to deliver a truly inspirational presentation to our homeless residents, to challenge any preconceptions they might have had on what they can achieve.

The presentation, titled Master Your Destiny Now, is an amazing collaboration between James Rose, a filmmaker & entrepreneur who just happens to have a ‘disability’, and Simon Phillips, four time published author and National Training Award winner.

James Rose – who has cerebral palsy which affects his dexterity, speech, and mobility – has an amazing story to share. It’s not about what he has achieved even with his disability, but instead what he has achieved thanks to his ability. In his life he has faced many obstacles but he has never let these get in his way.

The memorable presentation tracked James’ 3-year fight to be allowed to throw himself out of a plane to raise money for charity. Simon also shared some powerful strategies to inspire and enable our residents to break through their barriers to success and achieve their life goals.

The feedback we’ve had from our residents has been amazing, and resident Hassan summed it up by saying “nothing is impossible.”

Elaine, also a resident at Anchor House, said she had an eureka moment in the evening and was inspired to turn her life-long dream into a reality, of which she made the first steps the very next day.

James told us “My best moment was meeting Elaine who is now going to take action with her plans to open an agency – fab!”

Find out more about James, Simon and Master Your Destiny Now here.

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